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Heather and John Mutz

Ona Goodrich

Tracy and Bob McClure

Gretchen Gottwald

Lisa and Gilbert Eldredge

Michelle Kelly

Randy Goldstein

Bob Marketos

Solange Russek

Jody Crane

Colleen Campbell

Jo-Ann Blackburn

Katherine Lowe

Velina Petrovic

Holly Springfield

Sharman Cippa

Christina Walcoff

Sue and Chris Oaks

Tracy and Bob McClure

Colleen Campbell

Nina Bellucci

TJ Markel

Knowledgeable and honest will do what is best for the City
— Kellee Fritzal

Jason Jenkins

Corrine Muelrath

Lisa Wolf

D’Lynda is a consummate professional, civic minded, and someone who cares about people, neighborhoods, and community. I had the pleasure to work with her on a few community events back in Los Angeles. She will represent Petaluma well.
— Travis Sevilla

Carroll Estes

Richard W. Fischer

Tina Fischer

Pete Gang

Heidi Garcia

Cinda Gilliand

Marty Bennett, Instructor Emeritus of History, Santa Rosa Junior College

Kai Hagmann

Edgar Haris

Kathleen Jones

Clare Le Tourneau

Lomesh Shah

Linda Lipps

Paula Litsky

Jennifer Lounibos

Laura Lyons

Susan Makovkin

Alison Marks

Lupita Martinez

Joyce McCart

Brian Mealins

Elizabeth Meredith'

Charles Merrill

Eric Monti

Hunt Moore

Elizabeth Mori

Maggie Murray

Herb and Sandy Newburger

Janu Orrick

Linda Parr

Rose Reed

Sandy Rozmarin

Paula Schafer

Mary Schoenbaum

Lory Teicheira

Leslie Thrig

Jeffrey Ventrella

Dale Wannen

Lauren Wiessler

Cati Young

Sydney Smith

Kathleen Sorell

Diana Spaulding

Richard Stark

Bob Stires

Cindy Thomas

Sue Thompson

Patty Norman

Ron Smith

Alanna Murphy

Stacey Earl

Jessica Moore

Amy Jollymore

Adrea Tencer

Michelle Kelly

Susan Shaw

Mark Reed

Bonnie Allen

Lisa Nolan

Jody Weisenfeld

Nicole McGloin

Leslie Curchack

Colin Williams

Beverly Alexander

Lori Ayre

Shan Magnuson

Marie Kneemeyer

Gay Robbins

Eliza Fischer

Dennis Elias

Chris Durham

Brian Mealins

Renee Kirk

Burjor and Corry Dastur

Alexis Tejeda

Anna Embree

Jessica Buickerood

Cynthia Rawlinson

Stacey De Gooyer

Tammara Norman

Sharon Hurley

Patricia French

Louise Brawdy

Pauline Diexler

Elizabeth Maroshek

Kathryn Swanson

Juli Walters

Bob Stires

Kim Turner

Linda Lipps

Cheryl Dobbins

Elizabeth Pond-McPherson

Kristin Richman

Brenda Maher

Angela and Michael Sarmiento

Cynthia Renfrew

Emalene Anderson

Laurel and Tony Wroten

Felicia Williams

Erin Wrightsman

Cati Young

Louis Zweier

Kelly Collins

Lindsay Morris

Paula Litzky

Jack Bond

Lendri Purcell

Pamela Williams

Kim Kabot

Greg MacCarthy

Peggy Smith

Wanda Sisneros

Gary Grubb

Susan Kresky

Meg Lynch Wiskind

Kellee Young

Tyler Young

Barbara Clark

ReEllis Dotson-Newman

Christopher Fisher

Beverly Alexander

Amelia Pedlar

Jamie Bloom

Colin Williams

Kathryn Swanson

Corey and Bujor Dastur

Maria do Ceu

Madaline Clare

Sarah Abuyen

Kathy Patrick

Stefani Ames

Madeline and Daniel Backman

Ellen Bicheler

Billy Bramblett

Karin Burger

Ellen Burns

Julie Cleland

Susan Cohen

Marie Dallara

Misty Dardis

Christy Darsey

Mike Deverell

Megan Donner

Larry Modell

Teresa Barrett, Petaluma City Council

I am honored to have the early support of Councilwoman Teresa Barrett.

I am honored to have the early support of Councilwoman Teresa Barrett.

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She will add a fresh new progressive perspective to our City Council.
— Stephanie Wilkinson

John Crowley

Chris and Elaine Stevick

Marjorie Helm

D’Lynda’s education and background planning makes her the very best candidate for City Council
— Sheila Baker

Paula Duran

Jim Johnson

Lydia Schindler

Why D’Lynda has my support: Values and experience
— Jason Davies, Former Chair, Technology Advisory Committee, City of Petaluma

Kaye Chandler

Maria Ruiz

Evangeline Jimenez

Michelle Larkey

She has the same love and wants the best for our community that we have had for over 40 years.
— Joel and Juanita Radford

Sussana Biaggi

Bill Rinehart

Megan Ancheta

Indivisible logo.jpg

David Glass

Julie Combs, Santa Rosa City Council

Deb Fudge, Windsor Town Council

Pam Torliatt, Former Mayor, City of Petaluma

Janice Cader-Thompson, Petaluma City Council (ret.)

Carole Barlas, Petaluma City Council (ret.)

Matt Maguire, Petaluma City Council (ret.)

Bill Wolpert, Petaluma Planning Commissioner

Petaluma Progressives

Strong progressive values supported by practical solutions
— Greg Reisinger

Petaluma Tomorrow

Molly Best

Annie Stuart

Oren Solzberg

Oren is the Executive Director of Commonweal.

Oren is the Executive Director of Commonweal.

Naomi Crawford

Maggie Hohle

Lisa Bisignani

Barbara Confer

D’Lynda’s values are solid and support living ecologically healthy. I know D’Lynda will fight for our shared values using scientific knowledge and the best, progressive thinking available. I trust D’Lynda to make good decisions for our community’s long-term resilience.
— Susan Price

Patti Schofler

Bettie Duncan

Maureen Murray

Dustin O'Brien

Trathen Heckman

Denise Toll

I am so excited for you and thrilled for Petaluma. What an astonishingly good candidate they have in you.
— Amanda Susskind

Delores Wheat

Laurel Busch

Devery Wallace

I had a chance to meet D’Lynda Fischer at her campaign kickoff, and got to ask about her past as a planning commissioner for the city of Santa Monica. I believe she has the experience to help Petaluma develop while holding developers responsible for keeping affordable housing in their plans. We cannot say NO to all development, but we can ensure that ALL of our community members have the chance to benefit from the type of development we agree on. I’m excited to have a person with this particular experience on our own City Council.
— Naomi Crawford

Ned Orrett

George Beeler

Angela Parsons

Mark Petrovic

We need to keep a healthy dose of progressiveness on the city council. And as they say, now more than ever...
— Claire O'Neil

Dustin DeMatteo

Traci Di Stefano

Vanessa Dodge

Linda Dorse

Howard Formby

Julia Fornage

Jennifer Frances

Michael Frost

Sandy Garber

Stephen Tynan

Liz Veloz

Delfin Vigil

Arif Virji

Joe Volmer

Margaret Walter

Michelle Wilkinson

Laura Sottile

Jeanne Cort

Lisa Loughran

Marilee Ford

Peggy Smith

Terry Church

Abigail Smyth

Paul Guerro

Kathryn Swanson

Amit Kulkarni

Tom Brown

Tonya Parnak

Jen Jones

Hillary Smith

Jeanne Cort

June Melchione

Christy Meieran

Karen Olson

Sharon Risedorph

Boyce and Kay Quinn

Ann Poletti

Kenneth Gallegos

Melanie Joshua

Maxene Spellman

Christy Darsey

Bonnie Black

Ann Baker

Jennifer McKinzy

Rebecca Rosenbloom

Heidi Katuna

Mark Jordan

Cecelia Luevano

Elizabeth Clary

Gina Motto-Ros

Carol Hoorn

Margaret Saragina

Ana Flores

Dan Dente

Julie Wilder-Sherman

Brianna Malvino

Loretta Mateik

Maureen McGuigan

Deb McKay

Peggy Merkel

Rick Moeller

Wayne Morgenthaler

Robyn NiConney

Jean O'Connor

Mitch Obester

Sharon Olesky

Cynthia Abbott

Pam Adinoff

Bonnie Allen

Erin Ascher

Rebecca Avery

Robert Berry

Sophia Bihn

John Blades

Dan Bleakney

Warren Broderick

Sara Brown

Joanne Buckley

Jean Burke

Beverly Butterfield

Erin Byous

Fred Carroll

Marie Castro-Asbell

Ron Chestnut

John Cinnamon

I am happy to support D’Lynda who will bring a fresh voice and a vibrant vision to our City Council.
— Jerry Wilkinson

Annee Knight

Thai deRocher

Claudia de la Pena

Caroline Gelsman

Clinton Gilbert

I definitely recommend D’Lynda Fischer for city council as between her fresh voice, and her experience in urban planning, she will be a woman who will make a difference. Most importantly, she is passionate about her commitment to the community. Exactly what we need on our Petaluma city council.
— Kathy Andrew

Deborah Helms

Erik Herman

Sarah Holman

We are really excited about the energy you can bring to Petaluma. Our council needs some fresh perspectives and yours is welcome.
— Loren Carnevale

Laurie Schneider

Katherine Plank

Liz Platte-Bermeo

Bonne Posert

Sandi Potter, Environmental Manager, Town of Windsor

David Powers

I met D’Lynda at a house party and was impressed by her knowledge of city government, enthusiasm for the unique qualities that make us Petaluma and her vision for our future. She will add a fresh perspective to our City Council and she has both the work ethic and listening ear to make this amazing place even better.
— Paula Duran

Francesca Preston

Genie Raff

Jesse Rankin

Nancy Rapalus

Cynthia Rathkey

I believe she has the experience as a past urban planner to guide Petaluma toward a smart, health and sustainable future; protecting our agricultural heritage as we inevitably grow. I think she will champion the concerns and welfare of all our town’s citizens, not just the ones that have a financial stake in city decisions and policies.
— Juli Walters

Val Richman

Kathe Rodd

Shelley Roden

Annette Salvaggio

Brianna Schaefer

Beverly Schor

Steve Schramm

Nancy Schwartz

Annette Shearer

Bryan Shelton

Samantha Sheppard

Chuck Sher

Merideth Simpson

Catherine Sky

Jodi Clinesmith

Walter Atkins

LaRee Maguire

George Merrill

Jeff and Judy Mazzeo

Jennifer Freeman

Christopher Fisher

Anne O'Toole

Kathy Andrew

Linda Morris

Janis Barker

Jay R Wagner

Lucy Portscheller

Carmen Herrera

Linda Pantoskey

Tina Hittenberger

Val Richman

Jerry Milsap

Leila Raim

Caitlin Brando

Betty Harrison

Julia Burton

Maria Lewis

Susan Shaw

Mark Reed

Mary Sandberg

Cheryl Gould

Nicholas Goursky

Kathleen Greaney

Linda Grosser

Edgar Haris

Lisa Horn

Gisela Hurt

Leslie Ihrig

Jennifer Jackson

Jan Jirout

Hilda Jobson

Jim Johnson

Lakin Kahn

Rachel Kaplan

Gay Kelly

Kari Kitinger

Jo Lalicker

Louise Leff

Kit Lofroos

Miel Louviere

Caroline Lovel

Kathryn Luciani

Connie Madden

Eberle Ewing

Erin Axelrod

Garth Bixler

Nichole Clark

Suzanne Clark

Claudia Cleaver

Cynthia Colzani

Leslie Crane

She will work hard for us
— Sheri McLendon
I have worked with D’Lynda when she worked at Daily Acts, We were on the board of the U.S Green Building Council together and have collaborated on agricultural projects including work with the Bionutrient Food Association. Having seen her work in different capacities I trust that the community is well served when elected to the Petaluma City Council. She has great environmental ethics, believes that the community can bring about changes, while she can foster changes in the community. She is a great listener, a team worker and effective.
— Will Bakx, Sonoma Compost
I support D’Lynda because of her values and goals
— Sondra Barrett