Petaluma Argus-Courier - Letter to the Editor October 18, 2018

Too often phrases such as “environmental sustainability,” “traffic gridlock,” “sustainable development” or “median housing costs” seem mutually exclusive.  It seems as though you can’t address one challenge and expect to solve the others.

But the concept of sustainability is not confined to environmental concerns alone. It has a broader meaning. Sustainability lies at the core of a successful community. It is what it means to create and manage a community for the benefit of everyone; where each piece and part integrates with others and creates a sense of common welfare, common purpose, common expectation.

A sustainable community nourishes itself; it creates its own vigor, its own pride of belonging. Embedded within a sustainable community are a set of planning practices that ensure long-term fiscal health, responsible growth, housing opportunities for all sectors of the community, traffic management practices that reduce congestion and encourage walkability, and feed-back loops that engage the community’s need to belong and be in control of its own destiny.

How does a community invigorate this process? How does it discover a common vision? How does it chart a course through the short-term inducements to arrive at a strategy for long-term well-being? For one, it listens to the vision its candidates offer at election time and makes astute choices on Election Day.  

I have been listening and I have been most impressed by D’Lynda Fischer’s vision for the future of Petaluma. Her energy, commitment, and extensive experience in sustainable development and planning are second to none among the current City Council candidates. 

She has a passion for this work and she will bring a strong, clear, independent voice expressing a vision for a sustainable future for our community. 

I urge you to join me in supporting her candidacy by voting for her in our upcoming election.

Kit Lofroos

D'Lynda Fischer