Kickoff Introduction by Brianna Schaefer

I was fortunate to work with D'Lynda while she was the Operations Manager at Daily Acts. For those of you who aren't familiar with this organization we are an educational non-profit based in Petaluma that teaches people and communities how to live more sustainably. Over the three years that we worked together I was able to witness first-hand some of  D'lynda's most dependable traits, traits that will serve her well as a member of the Petaluma City Council.

One is her constant desire to learn. I am always amazed at how she never runs out of energy seeking out new opportunities to improve her understanding of a subject. This shows up in a lot of ways...Like the ever changing stack of books next to her couch on soil health, plant nutrition or another topic - very rarely is there a novel amongst them. She can also be seen at a variety of educational events, which she not only enthusiastically attends but volunteers her time to. Or you might just find her experimenting in her garden with natural minerals as she attempts to improve the nutritional content of her veggies.

D'Lynda is also proactive, and will often ask the tough questions, the ones that no one really wants to dig into because the result will affect a greater change. This is because she truly wants to improve things, not just for efficiency sake but because she wants to support people, one of the qualities that made her great at her job.

Maybe the most important trait is that D'Lynda is passionate, especially about the issues facing our community. From the sustainable use of our Ag land, to supporting local economy, to ensuring those who feed us, protect us and take care of us are able to afford to live here too. And she really puts these passions into practice everyday. Whether it's volunteering at a Friends of the Petaluma River clean up, or whipping up a home cooked meal for visitors from local farmers she knows, or supporting local businesses on foot with her charismatic friend Larry in tow.

D'Lynda loves this City and I have to say I'm excited to support her and see how she will help shape it for the better. So without further ado, I'd like to introduce our next member of City Council Mz D'Lynda Fischer!

D'Lynda Fischer