Petaluma Argus-Courier - Letter to the Editor August 30, 2018

The upcoming elections on November 6 offer registered Petaluma voters an opportunity to elect a new mayor and three new council members. I encourage you to support D'Lynda Fischer for Petaluma City council.

From poor roadways in need of resurfacing and too much traffic, to dire lack of affordable housing, new cross-town connector, and a city budget  at or near deficit levels-there is no shortage of issues facing Petaluma residents.

Whatever you concern, this is your opportunity to put someone in office who will offer a new voice and present a fresh perspective.

D'Lynda Fischer's background includes 25 years in urban planning. She is someone who has worked for municipalities and developers, who knows well the objective of each, and who understands how to achieve solutions for both the community and businesses that want to work here.

D"Lynda has also been a triathlete, small business owner, manager for a local nonprofit, and consultant to local and national nonprofits. She is a strong proponent for sustainable solutions to traffic, housing, and our budget. Sustainability includes implementing current city goals and honoring the existing urban growth boundary.

Although some folks call out for candidates who have lived here for a long time, maybe that is exactly what we don't need. Maybe we need someone who can see things with new eyes, someone who is aware of the social climate and can recognize infrastructure needs but is not encumbered by years of the old "this-is-how-we-have-always-done-things" approach.

D'Lynda sees community involvement as an important step towards helping petaluma become the wonderful place we all know it can be,a place for our kids to grow up ind our parents to to old in. I whole-heartedly support and encourage your support for a vibrant Petaluma and a new city council member, D'Lynda Fischer.

With much enthusiasm,

Jerry Wilkinson

D'Lynda Fischer