Keep Petaluma Livable


As your city council member, I will work to create a sustainable Petaluma. What does “sustainable” mean?

Of course, a sustainable community is one that does all it can to reduce climate change and to enhance resiliency, such as by preparing its citizens for disasters.

A sustainable community is also one that:

  • Supports development projects that provide city revenue and have minimal traffic impact

  • Has fair and equitable wages

  • Provides affordable housing for its workers—as well as shelter and services for its homeless

  • Encourages a local economy where money circulates within the community

  • Provides robust alternative modes of transportation

  • Values the contributions of all its members, including those who speak a different language

  • Maintains and enhances its green spaces

I support Measure M because it will provide more than $700,000 each year to support Petaluma’s parks.


I will work to bring mixed-use housing along commercial corridors that are close to transportation. This type of housing provides retail revenue, jobs, and services—allowing people to live, work, play, and shop in one place. Mixed-use housing can create a walkable neighborhood and reduces traffic congestion. It also means we don’t reserve valuable building space for parking lots of cars.

I support Prop 10 because it allows our renters to stay here while we develop more housing. Increased housing means less competition for available units.


To reduce congestion, I will work to create a variety of types of transportation. This includes establishing more crosstown connectors, including bike lanes and walkways. We also need a robust public transit system that links riders to the SMART train, our children to their schools and playing fields, and those without cars to the services they need.

I oppose Prop 6 because it would eliminate the $1 million dollars Petaluma currently receives each year, which helps us maintain our infrastructure. I oppose the future development of fossil fuel gas stations and will work to change our zoning code to reflect this position.

Build Community

Communications, participation, and outreach

I will host regular town hall meetings where you will not only learn what is happening in our city, but I will also learn from you. Let’s make face-to-face conversations more commonplace.

We also need to upgrade our City website to make it more user friendly and easy to navigate. If needed, I will find talented programmers who are willing to volunteer their time to upgrade the website.

Petaluma River

Our river is central to our identity and vital to our economy. I value its role in the ecological system, as well as the opportunities it provides for recreation and transportation. Dredging is long overdue and necessary for the health of our community and our watershed.

At his recent Petaluma town hall meeting, Congressman Jared Huffman announced that the United States Army Corps of Engineers may dredge our river as early as next summer. I will support the continued efforts of our Congressman to insure that funding is provided for this project.


We have a 50-year-old agreement to rent this 60+ acre property to the Fair Board for $1 a year. We need to regain control of this asset and create revenue from this vital piece of public property.

I propose that we establish a planning committee, appointed by the Fair Board and our City Council—along with input from a city planner—to  create a specific plan for this centrally located city asset. I would like to see this be our city center - where all of our city services are located - and we come together as a community.

Balance City Obligations with Community Needs

Our primary revenue stream comes from taxes. Our share is 11 cents for each dollar of property taxes and 1 cent of each dollar spent for sales taxes. We need to find creative revenue streams and create regional partnerships to maintain basic public safety and community services. I propose a sales transfer tax on high-end single family homes to generate revenue to fund our vital city services.

Community Services

In Sonoma County, 5,000 citizens are homeless; about 1 in 10 live in Petaluma. I will advocate for our homeless by supporting COTS in their mission to assist people to transition from homelessness to a permanent home.

Police Services

Among other steps, I will advocate for crime prevention by designing and maintaining our public and private spaces to deter criminal behavior. I will also support development projects that are self-sufficient and do not sap our already scarce resources. I will advocate to bring back community policing on bicycles so that we get to know our police officers and they have a visible presence in our community.

Plan today for our City’s future




I moved to Petaluma five years ago charmed by the immediate access to farm fresh food, the active bicycle culture, the historic downtown on the river, and the easy exchanges I experienced meeting people on the street when walking my dog.

Disheartened by the actions being taken in Washington and empowered by the many other women in this country seeking office and affirmative change, I am stepping up and choosing to participate in the political process.

During my long career as an urban planner I had the opportunity to represent my community on the Planning Commission and my clients before numerous city boards and councils. My current role as a volunteer board member of the United States Green Building Council Redwood Chapter provides  me the platform to integrate my ideals about the built environment and environs in our county.

Many local residents know me as the former Operations Manager for Daily Acts. Today, I work as an executive team member of the nonprofit Bionutrient Food Association (BFA), whose mission is “to increase quality in the food supply.”  From my work, I know that creating affirmative change in our complex environment is an ongoing process - a marathon, not a sprint. My work inspires me every day to make that change a reality.

I represent the BFA on the Sonoma County Food System Alliance (SCFSA), a coalition of diverse stakeholders working to envision and create a healthy, sustainable, local food system through leadership and collective action. The SCFSA is currently exploring the opportunity to add a Healthy Communities element to the Sonoma County General Plan.

I will work toward keeping Petaluma livable, building community, and balancing the city's obligations with the needs of the community. I want to plan today for our City's future.

D'Lynda Fischer
Candidate, Petaluma City Council